Apr 8, 2014

Handmade clothes!

  Hello my dears! As you already know I have launched a campaing on www.indiegogo.com. I hope to raise enough money to buy new equipment for my sewing room. I want to sew and sell clothes from my home. Please, help me make my dream comes true! In return I will send you a handmade red/white bodycon dress!

Thank you in advance for your help and support!

  Здравейте мои скъпи читатели! Както вече знаете направих своя собствена кампания в  www.indiegogo.com. Надявам се да събера достатъчно пари за да купя ново оборудване, за шиене, кроене и проектиране. Моята мечта е да шия и да продавам моите модели в интернет. Ако желаете да ми помогнете само кликнете на горепосоченият линк! На първите двама дарители ще ушия червената рокля от снимката по долу. Тя е направена от ликра и няма външни шевове.

  Благодаря ви предварително за помощта!

This is the dress/Това е роклята:

Some of my designs:

Mar 31, 2014

Dalia strapless dress.

  Hello guys! I have already started to make clothes for the new season. This time I will concentrade on strapless dresses, short pants, mini skirts and buistiers! For example I really love that little white dress I made 2 years ago. I used cotton fabric and a self made pattern. I plan to make a similar one but with different fabric. When I'm finished sewing it I will upload some photos from the making process, too. 
  What are your must-have pieces for the spring?
  Sorry for the low-quiality images, back then I didn't have a professional camera. xx

Mar 19, 2014

Spring Insiprations

Take a cup of coffe and enjoy these beautful photos...