Dec 5, 2012

A walk in the park

Here I am posing in my new coat and with the december issue of Burda Style. Love that magazine!

This season I noticed that the trends are to wear a colorful coat. That's why I chose mine to be bordeaux.
I picked up a pattern from Burda Style  magazine (11.2012) and decided to do it myself. This is a gorgeous model with nice leather details (which unfortunatelly were too complicated for me).
The weather was getting colder and I needed a nice warm coat, so I cutted the decorating details and made it simplier, and easier.

I bought my fabric from the biggest store in my town which turns out to sell materials produced in Bulgaria (which is very rare). Bulgarian fabrics are high quality so I was very happy. Main fabric is 70 % wool and 30 % poliester. For the lining I used a batting material...and that was my major mistake! The batting material sticks to the wool. At the meantime I didn't know that. However, I managed to fix the problem. I didn't stich the lining to the bottom edge so it remained free.This solved the problem with the sticking.