Jan 11, 2013

Black Sand

When I made this dress I opened (I'm addicted to this website...I don't buy, just adore the beautiful clothes) and found two dresses which are very similar to mine:

Donna Karan/ 1564 EUR


The big difference is the price..and the label of course.
I paid for the same type of fabric only 5 EUR.
Donna Karan's dress -1564 EUR :)

I hope you like my dress, too.
I used strech jersey.
Self-made pattern.
Slips on.

P.S. I'm new in blogging. I just found the exact name for my blog! That's my goal: to dress myself from head-to-toe only in clothes made by me...everyday :) I hope you will like my next projects.

1 comment:

  1. I love your style! It's simple, yet sexy!