Mar 17, 2013

Red bodycon dress - DIY - Begginers

 Second Skin/Втора кожа

Харесвам еластични материи защото прилепват по тялото като втора кожа без да чувствам неудобство. Днес съм решила да ви покажа отново как да си направите много лесна за изпълнение лятна рокличка, която е специална с това, че не се виждат абсолютно никакви външни шевове. Така роклята в никакъв случай не изглежда евтина, ефект, който рядко се среща при еластичните рокли от този тип. Не се притеснявайте да изберете бял плат. Роклята е подплатена и по този начин нищо няма да прозира. Инструкциите са лесни.
За проекта ще ви е нужен един метър (1х1,5 м.) еластичен плат: трико, ликра (вие изберете), стига платът да има много висока еластичност.

Сега следвайте схемата:

I love elastic fabrics, because they fit my body like a second skin without feeling uncomfortable. Today I decided to show you how to make a very simple summer dress, yet, a special one, since it has no external stitches. It looks nice and clean. The instructions are easy to follow.

For the project you'll need one meter (1x1, 5 m) elastic fabric: jersey, lycra (your choice), as long as the fabric has a very high elasticity. Don't worry to pic up white fabric as the dress is double layer, nothing beneath it will be visible.

Now follow the scheme:

My size is 'S' (EU 36)

 For the skirt part I used the same technique like the White Jersey Dress

The final result:


  1. hi, i drop here to learn the tutorial of making simple dress for a beginner. can't believe it is that simple and i'm planning to practice making that simple dress.

    1. Hi! I'm glad to hear that! If you need some help just tell me!

  2. Can you please help me with instructions? I dony understand the paytern and how you attach it?

    1. Hi, Sabrina! I'm glad to help you! First take your measurements - bust, over the belly,hips and lenght from your bust to over the knee. Than you will need around 1 meter of elastic jersey. Put your fabric on the table and fold it in half with right sides facing. For the skirt part you can use these instructions For the skirt choose a length that fits your figure perfectly and multiply it by 2 because after sewing the two pieces you will have to fold them in half. When you fold the fabric place your under the baley measurements and draw a rectangle with the lenght that you choose.Don't worry that the skirt might be too tight. The fabric is very strechy and it will fit your figure perfectly. For the bodice cut two pieces as shown on the graphic and 4 stripes. Sew the stipres facing the right sides. Then turn them up. Attach the stripes to the bodice using the sandwich technique. In this way there would be no external seams. After you sew the bodice and the stipres attach the upper part to the skirt. You have to attach the right sides of the skirt and the bodice. Than you can use a serger or a basic zig zag stich to finish the raw inner edge. I'm planning on making a video. I know that is hard to understand the sewing process. So as soon as I'm finished with the video I will send it to you. Just send me your e-mail.

    2. Thank you for taking the time to explain! And a video would be so helpful I'm scared I'm going to mess up my fabric. My email is The dress is beautiful by the way!

  3. Very usefull article! Thanks!