Feb 26, 2014

Handmade clothes by Dilyana!

  Dear readers, today I want to share with you my recent project. No, it's not a dress, it's something more beager. I've just lunched a fund raising campaign on

  My goal is to raise enough money to buy professional sewing equipment in order to be able to sew and sell clothes from my home. I have been thinking about selling my clothes for some time. If you want to help, I would be most greatful! By helping me I don't mean sending me money, you can help just by sharing my campaing!

Thank you wholeheartedly for your time and help.

Feb 10, 2014



Burgundy coat: handmade - You can make it too!

Circle skirt: handmade (designed and sewn by me).

Blouse: Mango

Jewelry: Franco Ferucci

Leather boots

Feb 8, 2014

Liebster Blog Award

Recently I was nominated by the lovely Justine from According to Justine for the Liebster Award! So thank you so much for choosing me!

If you are not familiar with this award, basically it is great way to help promote new bloggers (less than 200 followers). You get nominated and have to answer a set of 11 questions made by the fellow blogger who recommended you. Then you tag other new bloggers and ask them a new set of 11 questions. A great way to share the love! 
Liebster in German means beloved. 

Here are the questions asked by Justine: 

1. What made you start blogging? 
I started my blog because I wanted to share my designs and to express my views about fashion. In this way I have the chance to contact with other DIY-ers and designers. 

2. What do you love the most about blogging? 
What I love most about blogging is the freedom to express yourself. Your blog is like a diary where you can share thoughts and experiences with the whole world and there is no one who can stop you telling what lies on to your heart.

3. What is you favorite drugstore brand? 
I usually buy my make up from Loreal, but when it comes to cosmetics such as face creams and body lotions I use products from the bulgarian brand Sea Stars. Their products are natural and do miracles to the skin.

4. What 3 beauty products could you not live without? 
I can't live without my day face cream, lip balm and black mascara.

5. Dramatic eyes or Dramatic lips? 
Definitely dramatic eyes.

6. How long does your everyday beauty routine take you? 
It usually takes me 15 minutes.

7. When did you first get into makeup and why? 
I started using make up at age of 14. Back then my favourite music artist was Pink and I wanted to look like her. I had short hair, painted it in pink and put a lot of mascara and black eye-liner on my face :) I was just a step away of making piercing on my nose but my mother said no.

8. Did you make any beauty or fashion "faux pas" when you were younger? 
I used to wear a very high waisted jeans, it was not fashionable at all ;)

9. What beauty product are you most excited for in 2014? 
I am about starting to use new body exfoliation scrubs. Recently two of my favourite Bulgarian brands are lunching new products and I can't wait to try them.

10. What is your favorite perfume? 
Gucci Envy.

11. Who is your biggest beauty inspiration? 
Miranda Kerr.

Here are the bloggers that I nominate:

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And here are my questions: 

1. What/Who inspired you to start blogging? 
2. What do you think about the future development of your blog in the next 2 years?
3. What is your fashion style? 
4. Do you like DIY&Crafting and what was the first thing you ever made?
5. Write three things you can't live without.
6. Do clothes affect your mood?
7. If you could live in one of the fashion capitals of the world, which one would you choose?
8. Choose either a new dress or a new pair of shoes.
9. What was your most embarrassing fashion moment?
10.Do you love following all the new fashion trends?
11. Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?