Jun 24, 2014


Dress/Рокля: Dalia Fashion
Shoes/Обувки: Bershka
Necklace, Bracelet/Колие, Гривна: Infinitine
Earrings/Обеци: DayaART

The dress is deisgned and sewn by me. You can order the dress on Dalia Fashion or write to
Роклята е проектирана и ушита от мен. Ако искате да ви изработя подобна рокля, пишете на лично съобщение в страницата ми във фейсбук: Dalia Fashion

Step out from, the darkness.
Protecting souls from the heartless.

You see me now, I'm brighter.
Kill the flame from the lighter.

How they breath, The sight of power.
I turn the leaves, to where they cower.

I am, Ethereal. Keeping the dark away.
Yeah, I'm unreal, that's what they say.

I open my eyes, to the nations,
Connecting dots to my constellations.

I stand afar, yet I am near.
A shining star, that you can hear.

I am the seams, never wish on a comet.
Just dream your dreams and I'll find it.

It is impressing gazing the sky of noon.
I feel the blessing of the moon.

Don't take me for granted, I live no longer than the others.
My capsel may be slanted, yet I hide underneath the covers.

Made of material from the skies,
Where I also lye to what makes me Ethereal.

Dayna Schmidt/

Jun 17, 2014

Free Spirit

Green retro dress: Dalia Fashion handmade clothes
Peplum buistier and mini skirt: Dalia Fashion handmade clothes
Earrings: handmade by DayaArt
White Shoes: Bershka
Black mini bag: Bershka

Аз и Ели сме облечени в дрехи ръчно изработени от мен. Можете да си поръчате подобни модели на страничката ми: Dalia Fashion handmade clothes
Обеците са изработени от талантливата Дайа. Можете да си поръчате нейни бижута от страницата й във фейсбук: DayaArt
Черна мини чанта: Bershka
Бели сандали: Bershka

Always have an unique attitude and lifestyle. Constantly use your imagination.
Always live by your own wishes.
"Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it" - Bruce Lee

Jun 13, 2014

Escape from party island

White cocktail dress: Dalia Fashion handmade clothes
Mini backless party dress: Dalia Fashion handmade clothes
Bags: Bershka /black/, Paolo Botticceli /white/
Jewelry: I was wearing:Infinitine necklace, ring and bracelet/DayaArt earrings designed especially for me! Elirna was wearing Tally Weijl necklace and cuff.

Both dresses are designed and sewn be my. You can order them on: Dalia Fashion or write to
Двете рокли са проектирани и ушити от мен. Можете да ги поръчате за изработка на: Dalia Fashion